Dubai Balcony Acrylic Railing

Main products: Balcony Railing

Region: Dubai

Customer Name: Mr, Ali Mohammed Almazeouie

We first met Mr ALI in November 2019. He is a very friendly customer who has a school project in dubai and needs to buy building materials. 

The client bought the balcony railing in our department. At the beginning, we did not have any samples, so the client sent us the pictures and asked us to help the client design.

The customer was very satisfied with the design, so he quickly confirmed the order. However, the customer had his own budget on the price, so it took a long time to negotiate the price. Since the customer’s style is customized, we told the customer that the style he chose is customized and the process is complicated. Then we listed the size, thickness and process of the material on the draft paper for the customer to see. Finally, the customer accepted the price and successfully place the order.

Dubai Balcony Acrylic Railing
Dubai Balcony Acrylic Railing