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We advise placing an order for your item at your earliest convenience, with a minimum of 4 weeks before your intended installation schedule.

For custom projects, it’s advisable to allocate extra time. Then, our range includes multi-level designs tailored to meet your requirements.

Our staircases and flooring maintain the premium standards you anticipate, while still offering affordable prices. And we offer several options for receiving a quote that will bring you satisfaction:

1. Forward us an email

2. Provide us with the blueprints from your architect

3. Utilize our design tool for an immediate quotation.

1.Explore & Personalize Your Staircase:

Our website offers an array of pathways to uncover the perfect staircase tailored to your area. Not only do we categorize our products based on style, utility, and composition, but we also provide Browse pages that accentuate your staircase’s aesthetics.

Additionally, our Build pages grant you the opportunity to personalize your staircase. Once you pinpoint the design that resonates with you, our advisory designers will ensure its appropriateness, cementing it as the optimal decision.

2.Once armed with your spatial dimensions, design prerequisites, and budget, our Designers will employ this data to showcase precisely how your staircase will seamlessly integrate and operate within your space.

During this phase, we will collaborate closely, making revisions until we arrive at the precise staircase solution you desire. Furthermore, the final design will encompass a detailed inventory of design choices, visual preferences, material assortments, and more. Notably, this entire phase of our process can be conducted via telephone and screen sharing, employing our virtual meeting software.

Numerous elements contribute to this, contingent upon the nature of the staircase or flooring. Chiefly, you’ll be interested in understanding details such as elevation, tread length, space occupancy, vertical span between floors, diameter, and additional measurements.

In our personalized design consultation meetings, we’ll request your delivery postal code and furnish you with a precise projection. Consequently, this allows you to instantly incorporate it into your overall expenses, preempting any unforeseen revelations down the line.

The item you’ve ordered will be dispatched through a standard transporter, making its way directly to the location you provide on the date of your selection.

To avoid damage, products are covered with protective coverings to maintain the integrity of the product and prevent any damage.

Your package encompasses all the tools required for installing our product, along with straightforward guidelines to follow.

Maintenance & Upkeep:

Placing a conventional steel staircase outdoors is feasible, provided you apply the appropriate primer, paint, and sealant.

If any issues arise, kindly reach out to our customer support division. We are committed to rectifying any concerns to ensure your utmost contentment with our product.

We provide a 2 to 5 years limited warranty from the date of purchase for all its building materials, and all our hardware can be used for up to 20 years. Even our small accessories come with a limited warranty.

George Flooring&Stair has specialized quality inspectors, and after your order is finished, they will measure and test the product to ensure that the products delivered to you are safe and correct.

When you have no problem with the finished flooring, we will make an appointment with you for loading the container. Moreover, George Flooring&Stair will have a detailed packing list to ensure that no goods are missed, and detailed labels are stuck in the outer packaging of each product so you can quickly see which product is inside.


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