Engineered Wood Flooring

What Makes Engineered Wood a Wise Choice?


Parquet engineered wood flooring, unlike traditional wood, demands minimal maintenance.

It’s composed of recycled plastics and real wood fibers, offering resistance to stains, mold, mildew, cracking, splitting, and warping.

The benefits of parquet engineered wood flooring are numerous, making it ideal for various outdoor spaces.

Perfect for patios, terrific for terraces, brilliant for balconies, and great for gardens.

Also, it’s a cost-effective and practical option for schools, nurseries, hotels, and offices.

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The multilayer composite substrate board comprises upper and lower surface layers with an intermediate layer in between. The intermediate layer consists of multiple layers.

The upper surface layer has a cross-grain spin-cut plate, while the lower surface layer has a longitudinal-grain spin-cut plate. Each of these layers has a maximum of three consecutive layers.

Using this substrate ensures the flooring remains flat and the paint remains intact. It boasts high strength and rigidity, suitable for both high-temperature.

Main Features


Low-maintenance composite decking.


No painting, staining, or sealing required.


Slip-resistant for safety.


No rot and warping problems.

Engineered Wood Flooring Types

Our parquet engineered wood flooring comes in two types:

3 Layer Engineered Flooring:

3 layer engineered flooring, also known as three-ply, typically contains a base layer of engineered wood strips. The total thickness is at least 13 mm, with a 4 mm top layer of high-quality engineered wood, an 8 mm base layer of softwood strips, and a 2 mm backing veneer, for example. 

3 layer engineered flooring offers greater structural stability, allowing for floating installation, but it’s less suitable for rooms with underfloor heating. A three-layer plank often consists of three rows placed side by side, resulting in a ship floor bond pattern.

Pure three-layer floor

Multi Layer Engineered Flooring:

Multi layer engineered floorings offer diverse finishes and styles, creating a cozy ambiance. They typically feature 2 to 3 layers of bonded wood. The top layer boasts high-quality hardwood for aesthetics, while the lower layers enhance stability and function with cost-effective woods. Underlays can enhance these floors, reducing sound impact and adding value.

Multi layer engineered flooring comes pre-finished, allowing for immediate use after installation. It features tongue and groove or click systems. This type of flooring remains flat, resists paint cracking, and offers strength and rigidity.

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