How Much Do Aluminum Railings Cost?

Curious about the price tag on aluminum railings? Wondering if they fit your budget? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of aluminum railings, breaking down the costs and factors that influence them. Whether you’re planning a home renovation or just exploring options, understanding the price dynamics can make your decision-making process a breeze. Let’s unravel the mystery of aluminum railing cost.

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What is Aluminum Deck Railing?

Opting for aluminum decking presents an affordable avenue to craft an eye-catching deck for your residence. The expense of aluminum deck railings hinges on your home’s size, material costs, and labor expenses.


The installation of aluminum railings comes with a price tag ranging from $48 to $95 per foot. On average, anticipate a cost of $80 per foot, covering both materials and labor.


When it comes to deck railings, you have a range of materials at your disposal. Your choice depends on factors like cost, visual appeal, your home’s size, and its location. Weighing these elements guides you to the ideal railing material for your deck.

Aluminum Railing Installation Cost Range

Professionally installing aluminum railings on a deck or porch usually falls within the $55.00 to $135.00 per foot range, determined by factors we’ll explore. They’re on par with metal and iron deck railings, surpassing the costs of wood and vinyl railings but coming in cheaper than steel cable deck railings.

For a deck boasting 50 linear feet of railing, the overall cost, covering materials and installation labor, hovers between $2,750 and $6,750. Your budget considerations can significantly impact the final choice.

Average Installed Cost

For professional installation, the average cost stands at $83.00 per linear foot. Opting for a DIY approach brings the average per linear foot cost down to $55.00, placing it in the middle of the deck railing price spectrum.

When you enlist a contractor’s services, the price encompasses aluminum handrails, railings (if not in the original design), installation, all labor expenses, and necessary permits or inspections. If your deck already sports railings, you can save costs by removing them yourself. Alternatively, be prepared for removal labor costs to rise, coupled with disposal expenses.

Overview of Aluminum Deck or Porch Rails

Average Do It Yourself Cost

$55 Per Foot (Materials Only)

Average Contractor Installed Cost

$83 Per Foot

Typical Cost Range

$55 – $135 Per Linear Foot, Installed

Aluminum railings dominate as the top pick for decks, porches, and any space craving that classic aluminum handrail charm. While aluminum handrails incur a slightly higher cost, they bring added strength and durability. Moreover, the narrower railings provide an improved view of your yard.


Delving into this aluminum railing cost guide, we kick off with the factors shaping your railing price range. We delve into specifics about deck railings, porch railings, and various spots ideal for aluminum handrail installations. Retail pricing options cater to those contemplating the DIY route for purchasing and installing their aluminum railings.

Factors That Influence The Cost

Project costs can range from $55 (DIY starting cost) to $135 (typical high-end for professional installations) per linear foot, influenced by several key factors.

Quality of Railings

Cheaper options use thinner gauge metal, often painted or covered with vinyl. Pricier versions employ superior aluminum alloys, boasting thicker gauge metal and powder coating.

Quality of Railings

Aluminum and Cable Panels: Representing high-end choices, these panels elevate the overall cost.

Railing Height: Most building codes mandate 36-inch-tall deck railings, with 42-inch railings incurring slightly higher costs.

Aluminum Railing Height

Post Size: A 4-inch square post contains more aluminum than a 2-inch square post, resulting in a higher cost. For instance, Westbury Riviera C30 2”x2” posts cost half as much as their 4”x4” counterparts.

Aluminum Post Size

Decorative Caps and Solar Light Caps: Cap upgrades contribute to increased prices, varying based on retail options.

aluminum railing cap

Railing Types: Vertical posts on a deck railing, are impacted by factors like spacing, thickness, and style.

Railing Specification: Narrow railings cost less than railings designed for safely holding glasses.

Panels or Custom Design: Standard panels are common, but some ranges offer varied top and bottom rail options, with associated costs.

Installation Complexity: Labor costs rise for intricate installations, such as two-story, non-rectangular decks with stairs.

Panel Length: Longer panels may slightly decrease the cost per linear foot for certain brands like Westbury.

Stair Railings or Horizontal Railings: Some stair railings can cost slightly more per linear foot than their horizontal counterparts.

Premium or Special Order Colors: Opting for unique colors can increase costs and potentially extend project timelines.

Project Complexity: The simplicity of a rectangular single-ply deck results in lower labor costs, while complex installations, like two-story decks with stairs, may double labor expenses.

Aluminum Railing Cost Factors

Cost of Aluminum Railings and Installation Supplies

Whether you’re embarking on a new deck installation or fixing up a damaged one, understanding the retail cost of aluminum railing components is crucial for project budgeting.

$32 – $90 per post

Post kits, which include a post, cap, and attachment with mounting hardware, typically cost between $35 and $60 per aluminum rail post.

$12 – $28

Decorative Column Caps and Base Decor.

$38 – $84:

Solar light caps, wall sconces, and various light types.

$27 – $90 per linear foot

Aluminum railing panels, averaging around $50 – $60 per linear foot.

$160 – $525+

Aluminum Doors, with costs varying based on factors like length and quality.


$90 – $140 per linear foot

Aluminum panel frame with cable.

$10 – $60 each

Brackets needed for securing panels to posts (4 brackets per panel). Decorative and sturdy brackets, especially those powder-coated, come at a higher cost.


$12 – $30

Touch-up, spray paint, or pen touch-up.

Aluminum Deck and Porch Railing Project Costs

Aluminum railings come in basic, better, and best models, each with corresponding prices. Yet, the total project cost shifts when you factor in the project’s complexity, a significant influencer in installation labor costs.

Now, let’s explore three decks, each spanning 500 square feet:

Rectangular, single deck, 65 linear feet railing:

For a basic-quality railing


For a better-quality railing


For a basic-quality railing


For a better-quality railing


For the best railing



Basic quality railing


Better quality railing


Finest railing


Installation cost range

$70 – $115 per linear foot

Two decks with stairs between levels and railings 115 feet long:

Basic quality railing


Better quality railing


Best railing


Installation cost range

$80 – $135 per linear foot

Permits, Related Costs and Installation Time

Permits and Inspection Cost

$30 – $150: Permits are a must to ensure deck construction aligns with building codes, with the deck size pinpointing the permit cost.

Tip: Before installing any fence, identify the property line precisely. Property line surveys reveal boundaries, crucial for proper placement.

Additionally, a mapping and potential survey highlight areas exempt from fence posts, like near septic tanks or utilities.

Labor Costs and Installation Time

$12 to $24 per foot: Labor cost to install aluminum patio railings.

Depending on the complexity of the job, experienced installers can handle 10 to 20+ linear feet per hour.

 Here are the timeframes for the example projects mentioned:

4-8 hours

80′ “simple” rectangular patio railing installation.

6-10 hours

80 linear feet of “medium/average” non-rectangular deck rail installation.

8-15 hours

80 linear feet of “difficult” deck rail installation


In conclusion, navigating the realm of aluminum railings’ costs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By considering factors like materials, design, and installation, you can make informed decisions that align with your budget. Whether it’s for a stylish home upgrade or a practical safety addition, understanding the expenses involved ensures a smoother journey. So, the next time you ponder How Much Aluminum Railings Cost, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to embark on your project confidently.

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