Kenya Client Ordered Villa Stair Handrail

Main products: Aluminum Alloy Railing

Region: Kenya

Customer Name:Mr, Jaffar

Procurement type: Villa decorates

Mr. Jaffar is a customer from Kenya who visited our company in July 2019 to choose decoration materials.

During his visit, Mr. Jaffar expressed interest in our aluminum alloy railing design. He had concerns about installation due to the curved staircase in Kenya. We assured him by offering an installation video and provided an effect drawing from our design department. Mr. Jaffar was highly satisfied with the result.

Upon receiving the quotation, Mr. Jaffar found it costly. However, he noted that the selected material exceeded the price of alternative products. We conducted a thorough comparison between our products and others, and after careful consideration, Mr. Jaffar confirmed the order.

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