Privacy Policy

Ownership and Management

This website is the property of and managed by George Flooring. Safeguarding your online privacy is our highest priority. At George Flooring, we are committed to ensuring that your online experience is both satisfying and secure.

This website is the property of and managed by George Flooring. Safeguarding your online privacy is our highest priority. At George Flooring, we are committed to ensuring that your online experience is both satisfying and secure.

Information Collected and Tracked by George Flooring collects two types of user information:

1.Voluntary submissions: Users willingly submit information through various optional channels, such as subscribing to our electronic newsletters, participating in message boards or forums, sharing content via email, and engaging in polls and surveys.

Electronic newsletters policy: We offer complimentary electronic newsletters to users. George Flooring collects the email addresses of users who opt to subscribe voluntarily. 1.Users have the option to remove themselves from this mailing list using the link provided in each newsletter, which directs them to the subscription management page. Users can also subscribe to newsletters during the registration process.

2.”E-mail this to your contractor” policy: Our site enables users to forward links, pages, or documents to others via the “e-mail this to your contractor” feature. To utilize this function, users provide their email addresses as well as those of the recipients. This information is exclusively used in cases of transmission errors and, naturally, to inform the recipient about the sender. The information is not utilized for any other purpose.



We may present interactive polls to users, facilitating the sharing of opinions with fellow users to gauge the audience’s perspective on significant subjects. Responses to polls are consolidated and remain anonymous, not tied to any specific user. George Flooring may implement a mechanism to “tag” users after they have voted, ensuring they can only vote once on a particular question. This tag is not linked to individual user information.


Periodically, George Flooring might conduct user surveys to tailor our content more effectively to our audience. Aggregated demographic information from these surveys may be shared with sponsors, advertisers, and partners. Specific individual data, however, is never shared with third parties.

Usage Tracking: George Flooring monitors user traffic patterns across all our sites. However, we do not associate this data with individual user information. George Flooring divides overall usage statistics based on a user’s domain name, browser type, and MIME type, extracted from the browser string present in every user’s browser.

George Flooring sometimes tracks and catalogues the search terms users input into our Search function, but this data is never connected to individual users. We use this tracking information to assess user preferences for different site sections, aiming to enhance user experience based on the popularity of various areas. This tracking does not focus on what specific users read, but rather on the overall performance of each page. This aids us in continually improving our service for you.

Information Usage

George Flooring employs information voluntarily provided by users to enhance their experience within our network of sites. This may involve providing interactive or personalized features on our sites or creating future content aligned with user interests.

As previously mentioned, we utilize information that users voluntarily submit to distribute electronic newsletters and to enable participation in polls, surveys, message boards, and forums. Newsletters are dispatched to subscribers on a regular schedule (frequency varies based on the newsletter). Occasionally, we may send out special editions when we believe subscribers would be particularly interested in certain topics. George Flooring never shares newsletter mailing lists with third parties, including advertisers, sponsors, or partners.

We also use tracking data to evaluate which site sections users favor or dislike, based on traffic. This analysis is centered on enhancing overall page performance rather than tracking individual user reading behavior. The search terms entered into the Search function are tracked as one of several indicators of user interests. However, we do not associate specific terms with individual users.

George Flooring creates aggregated reports encompassing user demographics and traffic patterns, benefiting advertisers, sponsors, and partners. This enables more effective advertising targeting and ensures users receive advertisements relevant to their needs. Since individual user usage patterns are not tracked, advertisers or sponsors cannot ascertain if a particular user clicked on their ad. We uphold the confidentiality of individual user information, sharing it only to comply with applicable laws, valid legal processes, or to safeguard the personal safety of our users and the general public.

Information Sharing

The information described above is used by George Flooring to tailor content according to user preferences and help our advertisers comprehend our audience demographics. This is crucial to sustaining our service’s cost-free nature. Information regarding individual users will not be shared with third parties, except in compliance with applicable laws, valid legal processes, or to ensure the personal safety of our users and the public.

Security Measures

George Flooring operates secure data networks fortified with industry-standard firewall and password protection systems. We periodically review and enhance our security and privacy policies as needed, with only authorized personnel having access to customer-provided information.

Opt-Out Option

Wherever practical, we offer users the freedom to make choices. These options include:

Opting not to register for receiving electronic newsletters. Opting not to participate in specific interactive areas, negating the need to collect any personally identifiable information from users.

Your Consent

By utilizing this site, you grant your consent for George Flooring to collect and utilize the information outlined in this policy. Should we decide to modify our privacy policy, these changes will be posted on this page to keep you informed about the information we collect, its utilization, and the circumstances under which we disclose it.