Qatar Waterproof Engineered Wood Flooring

Project named: Waterproof Engineered Wood Flooring

Customer’s name:  Ahmad 

Customer country: Qatar

In November 2018, The customer and his friends came to our exhibition hall to choose the floor, and took the style he chose to give us to help our customers customize. After negotiation, we clinched the deal and began to help customers place orders for production. The customer is very satisfied with our service and products, and will introduce more orders to us in the future

In April 2019, the goods have been finished and the pictures have been sent to the customers. The customers are very satisfied and waiting for delivery.

In July 2019, After the customer received the goods, due to the problems encountered by the local construction personnel, the customer asked us how to install the floor. During this period, we patiently explained and solved the problems for the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with our after-sales service .

Installation pictures: In April 2020, we contacted our customer, he was very happy, and had new product consultation with us, and his impression on us was very good

Egypt Wholesale Solid Wood Flooring
Egypt Wholesale Solid Wood Flooring
Egypt Wholesale Solid Wood Flooring