Senegal Client Ordered Stair Handrail

Project named: Modern Handrails

Customer’s name: Cheikh Lamp 

Customer country: Senegal

This customer visited our showroom for the first time in November 2019, initiating orders for marble stairs within the stone department. We, as a team, extended our greetings. Upon his request for handrails, we provided our catalog for selection. 

The entire process, from discussing the specifics to confirming the order, proceeded seamlessly. We addressed each detail meticulously, and the customer eventually confirmed orders for five villas, paid the deposits, organized production, and arranged for shipment to his country. The process unfolded smoothly.

In July 2020, the customer informed us of a fire that had damaged all his modern handrails. After investigating, we determined that external temperatures might have caused the issue. 

Upon the customer’s request, we promptly reordered according to his previous order quantity. Upon order confirmation, we expedited production to avoid any construction delays for the customer. The goods were delivered as scheduled and arrived in the customer’s country. Once the customer installed the handrails, they shared video and picture feedback with us.

Client Feedback