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Our wholesale staircase can be designed in various configurations, such as custom spiral staircases, suspended staircases, curved staircases, and straight staircases. Using different materials like acrylic, aluminum, wood, forged iron, and stainless steel. Each configuration possesses unique characteristics and benefits, providing diverse design possibilities for staircase makers, interior designers, and homeowners.

Free Staircases Design

1. Select the style of staircase

Provide us photos, links or ideas that  you want the system to resemble. As a custom staircase builder, we design your stairs according to your budget, maintenance costs, robustness, durability, functionality, shape, material and tolerances.

2. Provide dimensions for staircase

Please send us on-site pictures or CAD drawings of your stairs and stair area. As a stair supplier, we will discuss the details and needs with you in detail to ensure that the stair is completely customized according to your ideas.

3. Confirmation of quotation

A quotation for your project will be prepared based on our discussions and information shared with each other.

Upon quotation acceptance, we begin the journey in the development and fabrication of our wholesale staircase.

4. Design staircase CAD sketches

Once a staircase system proposal is approved, we will provide detailed shop drawings and project specifications for the project.

This service is an invaluable insurance to ensure installation and completion.

Staircase Manufacturing

Prior to production, we furnish you with drawings for confirmation, and the process swiftly transitions into production with concurrent quality oversight.

As a staircase factory, we employ excellent materials for enduring, beautiful staircases, including acrylic, aluminum, wood, as well as metal components. Our meticulous attention to detail covers railings, handrails, and tread selection, upholding the highest standards in every staircase element.


Our professional logistics team that follows up on the loading of the containers after the products have been produced and shipped out of the factory.

1.Faster Timelines: Our industry-leading lead times average 30-45 days, even shorter for other products.

2.More Control: We handle all aspects in-house, simplifying customization, fabrication, delivery, and quality control.

Test Installation

When the staircase fabrication is completed at our facility, we will test the stair and provide pictures of it and make the installation process of your custom staircase worry-free.

According to the different ways of connecting components, we provide graphic installation procedures to you. In special cases, we directly communicate with you to provide solutions.


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Unlock the limitless potential of staircase customization with George Stair&Flooring, where your dream stair design comes to life in a myriad of captivating styles tailored exclusively for you.

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