Spiral Staircase

Spiral staircases are known for their unique and eye-catching helical design, with the steps winding around a central column. Modern spiral staircase is ideal for spaces where square footage is limited or as decorative accents in homes, offices, or outdoor settings.

Our custom spiral stair blueprints fit well in indoor areas, whether it’s a home entryway, an office, or a business property. We offer choices that span from enduring, traditional wood patterns to contemporary stainless-steel models. You’ll surely discover a perfect match for your style!

Types of Spiral Stairs

As you begin your hunt for the perfect investment, you’ve got 2 types of custom spiral stair options to choose from: indoor and outdoor stair.

Indoor Spiral Stairs

Indoor spiral stairs offer the same steps as a standard staircase but in a compact frame, resembling a ladder. George Stairs offers elegant and distinctive spiral staircases that suit any indoor space. Their small size maximizes space utilization, ideal for tight spots and rooms with limited floor area.

Outdoor Spiral Stairs

Elevate Your Home’s Look with Outdoor Spiral Stairs.
Outdoor stairs require a blend of style and toughness to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Our outdoor spiral staircases showcase the same graceful spiral designs found in indoor stairs but are also equipped with weather-resistant finishes for low-maintenance outdoor use.

They’re crafted from high-quality materials like aluminum or steel and can be further protected with an optional powder coat finish, ensuring they look pristine for years.

Apart from their aesthetics and durability, outdoor spiral stairs offer practical advantages. Their unique design allows installation in tight or awkward spaces that standard staircases can’t access. This maximizes space.

Main Features


Open riser design.


Custom to your space.


Helical design with steps that wind around a central column.


Ideal for compact spaces due to their small footprint.


Offers a unique and visually striking appearance.


Can be constructed with various materials and finishes.

Spiral Staircase Structure

Some key elements and terms associated with modern spiral staircase include:

Treads: The horizontal surfaces people step on when using the stairs. Treads need to be wide and deep enough to provide a stable and comfortable walking surface.

Risers: The vertical elements between each tread. Risers can be open (without a vertical element) or closed (with a solid vertical element).

Stringers: The structural components that support the treads and risers. They can be visible or concealed, depending on the staircase design.

Balustrade: The railing system that provides support and safety along the sides of the stairs. It typically includes balusters (vertical posts), a handrail, and sometimes a bottom rail.

Newel Post: A large, decorative post at the start or end of a stair railing or balustrade. It provides structural support and serves as an anchor point for the handrail.

Landing: A platform or horizontal area that provides a resting point between flights of stairs or at the top and bottom of a staircase. Landings are essential for safety and can be expanded to serve as functional spaces.

Handrail: A horizontal rail that provides support and stability while ascending or descending stairs. Handrails are typically located on one or both sides of the custom spiral stair and should comply with safety regulations.

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