Straight Staircase

The straight staircase is the most common and straightforward design. It consists of a single straight flight of steps, connecting two levels without any turns or curves. Straight staircases are versatile, space-efficient.

Our straight staircase designs come in a variety of styles, from classic to contemporary. Our experienced craftsmen work with all materials, including wood, glass and metal. Providing you with straight staircases that are both beautiful and affordable stairs.

Straight Staircase 3D Drawing

Materials of Straight Staircase

Construction Elements: Timber and Forged Iron

This exquisite, tailor-made straight staircase design combines both straight and curved sections. The staircases also blend different materials, featuring paint, stains, wood, and wrought iron. The stunning balconies introduce a dramatic element to the area, fostering an open and fluid design.

Main Features


Simple straight staircase design with a single straight flight of steps.


Can be customized with different materials, balustrade styles, and finishes.


Easy to navigate and maintain.

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Choose a system that suits your style

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