Suspended Staircase

Suspended staircases are highly designed architectural element, usually consisting of a series of staggered slats. These slats can be made of wood, stone or glass, and glass-textured materials are often used as the connection between the slats to make the staircase more transparent.

The design of suspended stairs can be decorated in indoor stairwells or in outdoor spaces, such as gardens, terraces or balconies. Suspended stairs not only have beautiful visual effects, but also save space.

Types of Suspended Staircase

As you begin your hunt for the perfect investment, you’ve got 3 types of suspended stairs options to choose from: mono stringer stairs,dual plate  stairs and floating staris.

Mono Stringer Stairs

The Mono Stringer floating staircase’s unique, clean, uninterrupted support beams give your stair an open look, are strong enough to withstand the pressure and rotational forces of stair use, and can be customized to fit your space.

Each element can be customized to your concept and paired with unique stair treads and handrails. The single stringer floating staircase presents an open frame in which each step is securely fastened to an individual support beam.


Open Riser Style


Railing Options: Cable, Rod, or Glass


Treads and Railings Compatible with LED Lighting


Mono Stringer Framework

Double-stringer Stair

Double-stringer Stairs are a traditional architectural element that first appeared in ancient Rome and Greece, and in modern times they remain a core element of many traditional and historic buildings. The gap between the two boards prevents the staircase from sliding or deforming.


Open Riser Style


Dual Stringer Framework


Railing Choices: Cable, Rod, or Glass


LED-compatible Treads + Railings

Floating Stairs

Floating staircases, also known as cantilevered staircases, create a visually striking effect by giving the illusion that the steps are floating in mid-air. The treads are attached to a hidden supporting structure, such as a wall or a central stringer. George’s floating stairs blend traditional stairs with an open frame and top-notch engineering.


Open Riser Style


Sleek Steel Plate


Compatible with LED Lighting


Budget-friendly Wood


Getting a floating stair system is a bit like picking out a car – the model, finish, and trim play into the overall cost. As you shop for floating stairs, think about your project’s floor-to-floor height, how many turns your staircase will make, the wood species and stain color you fancy for your treads, and the kind of railing you have in mind.

Let’s talk about “stringers” – they’re like the backbone of your staircase. Essential for a well-built set of stairs, these stringers have been stepping up their game, especially with the rise in popularity of metal ones among both contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

Back in the day, stringers were crafted from construction-grade lumber, usually installed in trios: one on each side of the stairway and a central one. For broader staircases, a couple of extra stringers were thrown in for that extra support. In traditional setups, the stringer used to be cleverly tucked away inside the walls, camouflaged by drywall or paneling, essentially becoming a hidden structural element of the home.

Discover our robust stair treads designed for floating stairs, available in over various wood species like Walnut and Cherry. The fun part? You can personalize them with a plethora of finishes to match your style.

Crafted by skillfully cutting, planing, and gluing hardwood pieces together, these modern stair treads usually come in thicknesses ranging from 1.5” to 4” and widths spanning 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, and 72”. Of course, customization is on the table to align with your project’s unique requirements. Thanks to the top-notch wood quality, these thick treads are ready to take on a lifetime of wear and tear.

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