WPC Outdoor Decking

Affordable Premium Composite Decking

WPC outdoor decking offers affordability, strength, and low maintenance. It’s a superior alternative to traditional timber decking. Unlike wood, our decking is reinforced by the bonding agent, making it stronger. 

It’s eco-friendly, recyclable, and low in carbon footprint. These boards are weatherproof, mildew-proof, and long-lasting, withstanding temperature fluctuations and moisture without cracking. Ideal for gardens or commercial properties, our WPC outdoor decking is made from non-toxic, 100% recyclable materials.

Outdoor Decking Types

We provide 3 type of outdoor deckings:

WPC Deck Flooring, WPC Co Extrusion Decking and DIY Decking

wpc decking structure
WPC Deck Flooring

WPC Deck Flooring

· WPC deck flooring consists of two layers: the bottom layer is wood-plastic composite material, and the top layer is usually a wood or stone surface pattern.

· The surface coating is single and generally does not have an additional protective layer.

· It is relatively economical and suitable for general outdoor applications.

· Provides basic water and UV resistance.

WPC Co Extrusion Decking

· WPC Co Extrusion Decking consists of multiple layers, including a bottom layer, a wood-plastic composite core layer and a surface co-extrusion protective layer.

· Co-extruded protective layer adds abrasion resistance, stain resistance, UV resistance and water resistance.

· It is generally more durable and has a longer service life.

· Offers more color and surface options, closer to natural wood grain.

WPC Co Extrusion Decking
DIY Decking

DIY Decking

· DIY decking is usually designed to be easier to install on your own and may include special mounting systems, latch designs or other tools to reduce the need for professional workers.

· It will be designed with the convenience of self-installation in mind, and detailed installation guides and support will be provided to make the installation process easier.

· Ideal for small decking projects such as patios, balconies or small patios. Usually appropriately sized to meet these needs.

· DIY Decking can be WPC, wood or other materials, depending on your idea and application needs.

Main Features

wpc decking features

Brushed surface

wpc decking features

Strong fireproof

wpc decking features

Strong waterproof

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